Camille Rose Naturals Lavender Collection

September 14, 2018

I recently bought the entire Lavender Collection from Camille Rose Naturals when it went on sale on the website. To start I have to point out the obvious and say that the packaging is really cute and every product smells amazing. The bundle includes a shampoo, a protein free deep conditioner, a hair spritzer, a creamy leave in, a styling gel and last but not least an edge control gel.

Isn't it pretty? 

 So let's get to it and talk first impressions of each item.

The Lavender Fresh Cleanse:
This is a deep cleaning clarifying shampoo that includes Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). It has some astringent qualities similar to the ginger cleanse rinse from the original line, is a favorite staple cleanser for me. I've however noticed that while ACV is a popular staple for a lot of naturals it doesn't really do it for me. My hair strands tend to feel squeaky clean and dry and my scalp a bit irritated whenever I use the ingredient for a clarifying rinse. I figured maybe with an official formulation I might see different results but unfortunate I did not. I have this theory that the acidic PH is beneficial for high porosity hair types as it closes the hair shaft and maintains moisture. But as someone with low porosity hair, which means my hair shaft is already closed, it prevents more moisture from entering for me. 

The Lavender Quench Deep Conditioner:
This deep conditioner is protein free and promises moisture along with scalp stimulation. The strong menthol scent incorporated in the formula is intended to offer a moisturizing build up free condition while offering benefits for hair growth. I found the deep conditioner made my hair feel very soft and had great slip. The menthol will definitely stimulate your scalp, it's like a fro mint for real. I'm still bias in favor of the algae renew deep conditioner which has a more subtle mint scent to it, but if you're really serious about hair growth this lavender DC might be the best fit for your needs. 

The Lavender Whipped Cream Leave-in: 
I have and will continue to compare products from this line to other Camille Rose products, I can't help myself. I have bought the majority of their lines, I'm kind of a CRN junkie. I was hoping this leave-in would be similar to the slip and moisture retention of the coconut water leave-in but it's in its own lane. It does not aid as much in detangling but in all fairness it does not claim to while the coconut water leave-in does. The hair spritzer can be used in ahead of the leave in for extra slip if needed and does the trick pretty well. The leave in itself left my hair soft and gave it more of a light wave than enhancing the curl. I think it pairs wonderfully with the gel and makes for a great lightweight moisturizer. 

The Lavender crush defining gel:    
This is my favorite product from the collection and is definitely on my list to repurchase (please make the individual products from this collection available soon CRN). It was said by Janelle Stephens herself that this gel is formulated to offer more hold and definition for type 4 hair and I agree. It lives up to the expectation and is a lot less sticky than the curl maker formula. If curl maker didn't give you the definition you were looking for but had potential, give this a shot. 

The Lavender shaken hair spritzer:
I love this spritzer, it smells so good. The spritzer smells really good and has the sweetest most floral lavender scent of all the products in the collection. It can be used for detangling and I like to use it as a daily moisturizer. It can refresh wash and gos and also help in setting your hair into a new style in between wash days. I would definitely repurchase this product as well.  

Overall I think the collection is a great addition to the overall Camille Rose Naturals product line and encourage you to try them all if it interests you. Despite the fact the the cleanser and deep conditioner aren't my favorite I think they'd do wonders on high porosity hair if my PH theory serves me right. 

Thanks for reading and don't hesitate to reach out with requests for future tips and reviews! 

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