Camille Rose Ginger cleansing rinse 😍

July 27, 2018

It's been a while! After my first post about cleansers I have since tried a lot more products and learned so much about what my hair responds to and what kind of information everyone is looking for so.... Let's give the people what they want! 😌

First up is my current favorite shampoo the Camille Rose Naturals ginger cleansing rinse. Click here to check it out and for a limited time (7/27-7/30) get 25% off with code: 888114. Now let's review!

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Camille Rose Naturals is a woman owned, black owned, hand crafted brand that uses recognizable and pronounceable ingredients. I've previously praised this product on my Instagram (@polkadotsncurls) for being deeply cleansing and moisturizing at the same time. Ginger stimulates your scalp and leaves your hair squeaky clean. The castor and aniseed oil along with many other moisturizing ingredients makes this a lathering sulfate free shampoo that's good enough for detangling. For that, I will always have room in my product stash for this gem. 

FYI if you do choose to purchase this product at Sally beauty through my link I do receive a small portion of the transaction that will go into making Polkadotsncurls a magical place for all curl kind. 

With love,


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